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Korea Day 0: The Chaos Begins

Ah, the fun started right out of the gate. We were told to meet at the West LA dojang at 6:30pm so we can get to our 12:05am flight. *sigh* The bus arrived at 7pm, but we didn't leave until 7:30pm. So far, Jenn is the only civilian, even though I was told by someone (originally thought it was Kyle but he denies it... maybe it was someone else at HQ) that more than half of the people attending were non-Hwa Rang Do people. In the end, it turns out there are 3 civilians, Jenn, Flor and one other woman whose name escapes me at this moment.

We were in line for security checks when Jenn noticed two people one with electric blue hair (Nathan) and the other with purple hair (Beth). She said that she recognized them, but I said that I hadn't ever seen them before so I wasn't sure how she could possibly have met them. Then Jenn overhead that they were from Madison, WI and she realized that she had seen them at WisCon! Also met Doug and Alena (some gamers from MN) who seem like good folk.

Before we went on this trip, I thought I was going to be the scrub. I figured that the only people who were going to go on the trip were already Black Sashes, but I was totally wrong. There were a TON of Tae Soo Do color belts and Hwa Rang Do color sashes, so it turned out that I was getting bowed to left and right! Ack!

Had a quick dinner with a group of Micceapolis people (Doug, Alena, Steph and Dan) before the flight which was possible because we got there SO early. It was all good, the terminal wasn't nearly as psychotic as it was when we left for Bali so that helped keep some of the stress level down. The flight itself as a lot better than the one to Bali also, it wasn't ridiculously packed and Jenn and I even scored aisle seats next to one another.

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