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Another one bites the dust

I don't think I mentioned it in my journal, but when we got back from Korea, we were greated by the presense of a new instructor at the dojang. Apparently, DJN had invited him out from some east coast school to help run World HQ. The HRD material that he knew though wasn't correct (I don't know the whole story, but I think he was actually part of a HRD school that was only using the HRD name but not the actual material). So, DJN said he had to start learning all of the real material.

He was living at the dojang, training and working every day. He said he was going to sell his car because he didn't need it anymore and we told him that was a bad idea. If you are living and working at the dojang, you NEED the ability to escape and decompress. Well... apparently he decided to do that.. in a very big way.

I showed up last night and the new instructor was nowhere to be found. His car was gone as well as all of his personal belongings. He just bailed. Didn't give any reasons (although we think we might know), just packed up and disappeared in the middle of the night.

This isn't the first time this kind of thing has happened. Other instructors have been brought from different parts of the country to run the school 24/7. Unfortunately, they all burn out and go home. Running a school 24/7 is hard enough, but it's nigh impossible when you've got the added pressure of it being World HQ where DJN expects you to constantly be going above and beyond the call of duty (your standard old school martial arts, master-student mentality).

So, one more steps up and one more bites the dust.

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