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Great Entry on the 10 Commandments and our Court System

Matthew posted a comment on Derek's journal and quoted an entry from his buddy, Ryan MacReynolds: The Ten Commandments

My favorite parts:

Somewhat sane supporters say that the Ten Commandments are the foundation of our laws, and are appropriate symbols of legal history. Insane supporters say that the United States is or should be an overtly Christian nation and the Ten Commandments should be in court rooms as a moral guide.


Proponents argue that they are the basis of modern laws. But are they?



I. Don't worship another god: not a law.

II. Don't make idols: not a law.

III. Don't say God's name in vain: not a law.

IV. Keep the Sabbath holy: not a law.

V. Honor your parents: not a law.

VI. Don't kill: a law!

VII. Don't commit adultery: not a law.

VII. Don't steal: a law!

IX. Don't lie: sometimes a law.

X. Don't covet: not a law.

So, at best, two and a half of the Ten Commandments are even related to our laws, and I don't think anyone could seriously propose that they are the origin of these ideas, since they are pretty much always illegal everywhere.

He also talks a little more about the 2nd version of the 10 commandments, it's a great read!

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