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60 Looks Good on You...

Steven's early birthday card for me said, "60 Looks Good on You.." as an excellent reference to hitting 60th level in World of Warcraft right around my birthday. :)

Many of you have already seen this, but it's a fun moment in Johl's life, so we celebrate with pictures. :) 60th level is the highest level a character can get and at this point overcoming the remaining challenges require collaboration with other high level characters (sometimes up to 40 other characters).

The last kill to take him to 60th level was actually a really good one. I told Jenn, "It should be any time now..." when I figured I needed 3 or 4 more kills. Johl attacked a large 60th level predatory mountain cat, which called for help and another showed up. Then another "stalking" version of that cat came out of hiding and attacked also!! It was now 3 on 1 and they were all 60th when Johl was only 59. It was a hard battle, Johl had to pull out every trick he had but managed to bring down the last one and level by sucking out its soul, finishing with only about 60/3000+ health and 20/5000 mana left. Phew! A hard battle, but it made 60th level even sweeter. :)

What now? There are several places that have been too hard for Johl to adventure, so I want to get some other 60s (probably wait for River to hit 60 also) and go tackle those places. Also going to go on a tailoring quest to try to find all of the tailoring patterns he does not have. He will be the Master of all Tailors! Oh yes!

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