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Minor Set back in Club Experiment

Steven and I hit Melrose yesterday for some pre-club shopping so we would have some clothes for our upcoming club experiences. That went very well, we both got some good stuff, I'll see if I can get some good pictures and post them. We were smoozed by many a salesperson, but fended them off when neccessary.

Our first try was the Chocolate Bar at Gabah. It started off strangely, because we got there and the door was locked. Guess when they say it opens at 10, they mean 10:45. It's a pretty small place (much smaller than the places I'm used to), but it's got a very cool vibe inside. Unfortunately, the music wasn't exactly doin' it for me. Perhaps with a group of people it will be more fun.

We decided to try to find the Crush Bar, a place I had been to in the past and enjoyed. I called Information and they were no help, so I figured that maybe I had the name wrong or something since the name of the club is often different from the establishment and changes night to night. I thought I found the location, but no such luck and the traffic in Hollywood was INCREDIBLE. I'm not sure if it's like that every weekend around midnight, but there was some Ryan Seacrest party going on, so hopefully that was the cause.

I did some web searching this morning to find the Crush Bar so that we could try it out some other night and found out why I couldn't find it. It's gone. :( It's been replaced by a snooty, upscale place called the White Lotus. Total bummer.

At this point we were so embroiled in traffic that it took us an HOUR to get out of it. We decided to screw Hollywood for the night (unless you get in early, it's a nightmare). We headed to Santa Monica to Zanzibar, but the wait was too long. It was already 1am and we had yet to shake our asses at all. :(

Ah well. Next time will work better!

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