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No blood for you!

The dare continues well, I think I have run 2+ miles everyday this week. Last night, I was able to run without stopping again and even added on one more block to the run. I'll make another map soon so show off my geek and running prowess all at the same time.

I didn't think I was actually going to be able to run last night, because I had an appointment with the Red Cross to give blood. I've done it many times before, so I've been through all the questioning and whatnot. It know it's all good.... but they changed the criteria LAST WEEK. *sigh* Apparently now, if you've been to Indonesia or Korea in the last year, you are immediately disqualified.

Not being allowed to give blood is a bummer, but all the other things that happened while I was at the donation center are what make it a special trip.

First, I was sitting in the waiting area watching the lame TV news broadcast. They were talking about some murder trial that just concluded and found the guy guilty of murdering (or mutilating or molesting or something) a little girl. The woman sitting next to me has been talking almost non-stop to the receptionist who has been politely responding the entire time. Then... the woman starts talking about how horrible this man was and that he must have been possessed by demons to do such terrible things. (Oh, how many times I heard sentiments like this growing up.) Then she goes on and on about how things like this happen because of all those perverts who watch pornography on the internet, that they sit in their homes watching all of this stuff all the time and it makes them go out and do things like this.

It took quite a bit of willpower to sit their silently, but the Red Cross Donation Center really isn't the best place to start an argument. Thankfully, her number was called and she left. The receptionist turned to me almost instantly and said, "Oh, what I wouldn't give to read that little bubble above your head right now." heh.

The second "fun" bit was that they've changed the process of giving blood. They don't send you off with the paperwork anymore, they ask you each individual question and fill out the form for you. *sigh* Not a big deal... except the woman filling out my paperwork marked the wrong answer box SEVEN TIMES! And every single time, she had to write a big note in the admin section about how the question was marked incorrectly and had to document and sign it over and over.... *sigh* All culminating in "come back in August."

Ah well. At least I was still able to run last night.... and tonight! The Clockwork Orange and much shaking of ass! Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Current weight: 232 lbs (gain? wtf?)

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