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This isn't where I thought I was going to be when I looked forward into my life, but here I am....

Yes We Can

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Bad News

Some of you have already noticed odd things in my journal recently or long silences, etc. It's hard to talk about these things in general and even harder to put them in a public journal, but this is a journal of the good and bad things that happen in my life. I feel it is important to include this here primarily for my own sake and secondarily so that any readers who I haven't already told will understand why things are happening.

Jenn and I have decided to separate. Even though it is a very sad time, it is happening in a friendly manner and we are going to remain friends in the future. Sometimes things just don't work out even when two people love each other. I am going to remain in our current apartment and Jenn is looking for a new place up in the Valley.

You don't have to worry about JournalScape. It is something we created for the benefit of the community, we aren't going to take it down or anything silly like that. It is something that is still very important to both of us and we are both going to maintain it in the future.

I'm probably not going to talk about this much more on my journal, but I felt it was neccessary to put this down. I will be talking about things in my life which are related to my new situation, but that will just be life as I go forward.



This last bit isn't neccessary, but I know that after reading this many people will make some obvious leaps of logic in their head and I wanted to nip them in the bud. Recently, I've started clubbing again (something I used to do a long time ago) and many will assume that I'm doing so looking for women or whatever. I just want it to be clear that this isn't true. What I've said in my journal so far about clubbing is honest, I just really love to dance. It makes me feel very happy and it is awesome exercise to boot.

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