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Cruiserweight and 7thFall

Janel introduced me to a very cool band a little while ago called Cruiserweight. Steven, Clay and I headed over to the Whiskey a Go Go last night to see them perform along with a couple other bands. It was very cool, I checked out Cruiserweight's website and previewed the music a few weeks ago. It was totally cool, so I bought the album from iTunes and have been listening to it while I run. I really had no idea what to expect from them on stage, all I really knew was the music kicked ass and Janel told me they were a little crazy. :)

They were a lot of fun, especially Stella who is the vocalist. She kills me, dude. She was just crazy-weird-fun. Doing the robot on stage or just being goofy in general. Here's a crappy camera phone picture in the chaotic darkness of the club, followed by a great pic from their website to try to make up for the crappiness of the first one:

We also saw Drake Equation and Hey Mike! play, but they weren't my favorites. I'll talk about the one other band we saw that I totally enjoyed, 7thFall, in a moment. First, there was a very telling pattern I saw in the bands.

Two of the bands, Cruiserweight and 7thFall, each had 3 men and 1 woman (as vocalist). Two of the bands, Drake Equation and Hey Mike!, each had 4 men (in which the vocalist was also playing guitar). I didn't really enjoy Drake Equation and Hey Mike! because the music was mostly just guitar cranking and yelling. Not all that interesting or inspiring. However, Cruiserweight's and 7thFall's music was much more interesting. It involved some guitar cranking as well as some softer ambient parts, tempo changes, interesting lyrics, cool vocal changes, etc. I got the feeling that Cruiserweight and 7thFall performed more like a group, but Drake Equation and Hey Mike! seemed to perform like individuals. I'm not sure, but it was almost like the guy on vocals couldn't just be the guy on vocals, he had to play guitar also. I'm not really sure what it all means or what I'm even trying to say... but it was a strong pattern and it caught my attention.

So, the last band I haven't talked about is 7thFall. They were totally awesome and I meant to buy one of their albums last night, but just totally forgot after buying Cruiserweight swag and briefly talking to Stella during the purchase, so I'm going to track them down either on iTunes or through their website.

The oddest moment about watching 7thFall perform was that I thought I knew the woman on vocals! She looks SO MUCH like one of the previous receptionists at Google. I actually had to go up closer to the stage to try to get a better look before I was sure it wasn't actually her. heh. I would have been awfully surprised if it WAS her, because she was suuuhuuuper Christian and this didn't seem like her scene. They were a really good band though, much enjoyment was had by all.

I wasn't able to get any good pictures of them with my phone, but here are some choice shots from their website:

Be careful... the basist is watching you.

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