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Women in Combat


Should women be shielded from combat?

The current military policy is that women should not be involved in combat. That is stupid enough as it is.. but now Congress is actually trying to make it a law. *sigh* Sometimes, I wish I could just walk up to Congress, grab it by the shoulders and shake it until it understands.

First, women currently ARE in positions in which they are under fire and in combat. However, if they are wounded or killed, they do not receive commendations or monetary suppport afforded those men who are classified as combatants. It's just stupid.

Why are we so afraid to let women play the same role in the military? I don't understand it. Are they afraid that if all of our women are killed in combat that our little village will die out? I'm fairly certain that the 150 million women who remain out of combat in the US will be able to handle the child bearing burden. *shakes head*

Are they worried that the military will be weak because they believe women are weak? The military can't hit it's recruiting numbers as it is... and I'm pretty sure 20 Marines can secure/defend/attack an area better than 10.

I just.. *sigh* I wish I could make people step outside of their stupid little world and look at it. Maybe they would finally realize how close-minded and ridiculous it all looks from here.

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