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Xorothian Dreadsteed

Since Johl, my World of Warcraft character, hit 60th level I have been working on some end-game quests. Namely, for his epic mount. He was able to get a demon horse to ride at 40th level that lets him speed across long distances, but at 60th level a new quest opens up for an even faster, totally bitchin' looking demon horse! :)

It took me several weeks from beginning to end, involved Johl changing professions (this is pretty big, but doesn't mean much unless you play the game) and could not have been accomplished without the help of several other people!

150g to purchase Xorothian Dust from a demon vendor who was only willing to do business after Johl tained himself with Shadow.

35 Black Dragon Scales skinned from freshly killed Dragons in the Burning Steppes by Johl and River.

25 Dark Iron Ore mined by Myzythra while Johl, River and Myzythra fought their way through Blackrock Depths.

30 Ghost Mushrooms harvested by Lazuli while Johl protected her from vicious Jade Slimes. Then the Mushrooms were lovingly brewed by Tupeti into Elixirs of Shadow Power.

3 bars of Arcanite metal, transmuted from Thorium by Tupeti.

After switching professions from a Skinner to an Enchanter, Johl then spent many evenings fighting evil in some of the most dangerous locations in Azeroth: Scholomance, Blackrock Spire, Blackrock Depths, and Stratholme. With his new powers of Enchanting, he was able to collect powerful magical items and break them down into their component parts and was able to collect 6 Large Brilliant Shards.

Then deep into Scholomance, a school of Necromancy started by Darkmaster Gandling. Armed with a Priest, 3 Paladins and an Imp locked in a jar, Johl made his way to Ras Frostwhisper's Alchemy Laboratory. The small Imp in the jar then used the Laboratory to produce Xorothian Glyphs neccessary for the summoning of a Dreadsteed from the Xorothian plane!

150g for another Imp in a jar who would construct the Greater Summoning Circle with the above materials.

50g for a Black Lodestone used to repair the summoning circle when it breaks.

50g for the Xorothian Glyphs used to summon the Dreadsteed.

Finally... an adventure into Dire Maul, an ancient Elven temple where a two-headed demon dog, Immol'thar, is imprisoned. Myzythra and Xerxxees, a Paladin friend shown kneeling in the 3rd photo above, joined Johl along with a Warrior and an extremely bitchy Druid set off to help Johl finish this very long quest! I'd love to tell you that after fighting the WAVES and WAVES of demons that we were triumphant.... but no, we died. :) However, when our ghosts found our way back to our bodies, the portal to the Xorothian plane was still opened, so Johl summoned the Dreadsteed and the group began to fight and subdue it. When its Master arrived! The very demon that Johl had stolen the Dreadsteed away from had come to reclaim him. This time, our adverturers were triumphant!!! :)

Yay! Johl couldn't have done it without all of the help of his friends! :)

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