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"i got this" - Kenny Wyland

This isn't where I thought I was going to be when I looked forward into my life, but here I am....

Yes We Can

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That's gonna leave a mark...

Played paintball on Saturday with some of the people I play soccer with and their friends. It was a lot of fun! I'd never been this field, called Conquest. It's essentially a shack out in the middle of a ravine with some yellow tape strung between trees and whatnot.

Made some good kills, took some bad hits, but it was all fun. I took one in the shoulder that didn't break. If it doesn't break, you are will alive. However, if it doesn't break, none of it's kinetic energy is absorbed by the ball during the impact and it transfers most of it into you. Ouch. It hurts worse than it looks...

It didn't break, so I leaned back out from behind my cover and returned fire. Nailed him twice in the side. He put his hands up to show he was dead, stood up and started walking out. That's when I noticed he was on my team! Doh. Well hey... he shot me first. :)

I've got a couple other small welts. Amazingly, they managed to shoot me in just about every part of my body that wasn't covered by the protective armor that I got for Christmas (a chest protector and gloves).

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