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5 Element Quiz

I put together the SIMPLEST 5 Element survey script EVER. It's not all flashy and cool with little html snippets that you can drop in your journal (because I don't want to spend that much time on it *smile*). This only is for psychology, not physiology. I don't understand the physiological results on my own quiz to be able to pass it along to you guys.

5 Element Quiz

I'm sorry if it's a little cramped and whatnot, but for each of the statements choose if you think it really describes you, only kind of describes you, you feel indifferent about it, or it's totally not you.

It will print out two simple lines after you hit Calculate that will have your score for each of the elements next to the name. The first line is the creation cycle, the second is the destruction cycle.

My results were:

Water (18) creates Wood (40) creates Fire (42) creates Earth (0) creates Metal (11)

Water (18) destroys Fire (42) destroys Metal (11) destroys Wood (40) destroys Earth (0)

My amateur interpretation of the above goes like this...

In the creation cycle, Wood and Fire are the dominant players. Wood creates Fire, so most likely I am a Wood based personality and my excessive Fire is just a product of my strong Wood element. The Fire element, which is very strong, doesn't seem to be creating much Earth at all. I believe this is because the Wood element destroys Earth. Wood is the legitimately stronger element, while Fire is only strong due to the Wood. So, a fake strength in Fire's creation of Earth is not good enough to overcome Wood's truely strong destruction of Earth.

Not sure if that makes any sense... but you can feel free to post your results and if you want, I can apply my lame amateur interpretation skills. :)

Forgot to note, this quiz is lifted from a handout in school that lifted it from Between Heaven and Earth by Harriet Beinfield, L.Ac. and Efrem Korngold, L.Ac., O.M.D.

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