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This isn't where I thought I was going to be when I looked forward into my life, but here I am....

Yes We Can

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Quick School Update

I haven't just been playing WoW (although damn, have I been playing). I've also been working and schooling. My acupressure class has concluded and I got an A in that. My Pharmacopeia 1 and Anatomy&Physiology 2 finals are coming up next week.

I'm not worried about A&P, I got an A on the midterm and I see no reason why I shouldn't get an A on the final.

Pharmacopeia.... oh Pharmacopeia how I fear you. No problem, I just need to memorize like 70 herbs. No biggie. I've been getting better over time, but it's harsh. I _JUST BARELY_ got a C on the midterm and my quizzes average out to a 7.5/10, so I don't have a lot of leeway on the final. We have had 7 quizzes and to give you an idea of how hard they are... we are allowed to drop 3 out of 7. After dropping, my scores are 6 7 8 and 9. The 9 was my quiz from last night that I totally rocked the house on. Annika and I vowed to have a study group every week next quarter. We didn't do anything different in our studying except that we did it with another person. Somehow, saying the stupid memory charms outloud helps them stick better.

So... my goal this quarter is A, A, and C. Cross your fingers for me on the C.

I've registered for classes next quarter, but I got wait listed on a class I need. Last quarter I got wait listed on a class and never was notified when space opened up, so this time I'm going to attend the class as if I am in it and then we people drop I can add without having missed anything.

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