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The War of the Shifting Sands

A thousand years ago....

The Elves of Kalimdor fought against the Qiraji insect armies of Silithus. Arch Druid Fandral Staghelm led the Elven armies with his son, Valdrann, but the swarms of Qiraji warriors pushed the Elven lines back through Silithus. Fandral reluctantly sent his son with a detachment of soldiers to defend Southwind Village and feared for news of the outcome.

Days past fighting in the Hives without word from his son, until the Qiraji army stopped their press forward and parted as the Qiraji General walked to the front lines. In his massive claws hung the still body of Valdrann. The Elven armies surged forward as Fandral charged and screamed, but the Qiraji General could not be stopped in time. The broken pieces of Valdrann's body fell to the ground as Fandral fell to his knees in tears.

The Elven forces were broken, they were pushed from Silithus. They continued to fight through the marshlands of Un'Goro crater, unable to halt the Qiraji invaders. Arch Druid Fandral sought help from the Bronze Dragonflight. A tenuous alliance was created and together the Elves and the Bronze Dragons were able to push back from Un'Goro into Silithus. However, even their combined power was not enough to defeat the Silithid armies.

Anachronos, heir of the Bronze Dragonflight, enlisted the help of the Red, Green and Blue Dragonflights. Together, the awesome power of the Elven and Dragon armies trampled the Qiraji as they marched south to the City of Ahn'Qiraj. However, at the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj they were stopped. The Qiraji could not be destroyed, so a plan was devised to seal the city of Ahn'Qiraj forever and neutralize the Silithid armies. Merithra, Caelestrasz and Arygos, the leaders of the Red, Green and Blue Dragonflights rushed in through the gates. They fought as long as they could, hoping their sacrifice would not be in vain, while outside the druids, priests and Bronze Dragons performed the rituals to create a magical barrier.

Outside of the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj, the Bronze Dragonflight constructed a Dais and Scarab gong. Anachronos forged the Scepter of the Shifting Sands, which was the key to the Gates. When the Scepter struck the Gong, the magic would be undone and the horrors behind the walls of Ahn'Qiraj would be unleashed on Azeroth once more.

Arch Druid Fandral, still distraught from his son's brutal death at the hands of the Qiraji General, flung the Scepter at the Gates in disgust. It shattered in a shower of fragments and he stormed away, turning his back on the Dragons who fought and gave their lives to help the Elven armies.

Oh, how the foolish forget such important moments in ancient history. The Scepter of the Shifting Sands has been reforged and the heroes of Azeroth gather in an attempt to once and for all destroy the Qiraji armies. Will they succeed? Or will they merely undo the magics that so many gave their lives for and unleashed death upon Azeroth?

They gather...

((... and under the load of so many people in one place at one time... the server crashed.))

Roselily, member of the guild Catalyst, approached the Scarab Dais with the Scepter of the Shifting Sands... and death rained down upon Azeroth.

((... and the server crashed again))

Silithus was not the only area affected by the opening of the Gates. Strange Qiraji crystals appeared all over Azeroth, summoning Qiraji warriors and controlling the minds of Human and Orcs alike, turning them against their friends.

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