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Customer Support - Dumb People or the Dumbest People?

I entered a ticket with customer service on a website. They email me a confirmation and a day later a support rep emails me a response. That email response says to hit reply to follow up. I follow up and 2 days later I get an automated email saying "We haven't heard back from you." So I reply and resend my message. 2 days later I get an automated email saying, "We are closing your ticket if you don't respond." I try one more time.. and (no one is surprised here) they don't get it and close my ticket.

I call them... on the phone (so barbaric). I explain that they aren't getting my emails. The support rep politely asks me to reply via email to the ticket so they can debug the problem.

Me: "Ok, let me send another email while you are on the phone."

Her: "The email will go into the queue, so there isn't anything I can do while still on the phone."

Me: "So, you want me to hang up with you and send it?"

Her: "Yes, sir, I can't help with it any further."

Me: "Ok, but what happens when you don't get my email."

Her: "I'm sure we will get it."

*blink blink*

Me: "You haven't gotten the last 3 I sent, why would you get this one?"

Her: "I'm sure we will get it."

Me: "Why would you assume that? Don't you think that's silly since I'm calling you to tell you that you aren't getting my emails?"

Her: "Well, sir, the tech guys have to look at an it to be able to figure it out, so we need you to send another email."

Me: "I understand that, but I want to know what happens after you don't get that email?"

Her: "I'm sure we will get it."

Me: "... but what if you don't?"

Her: "We're assuming that we will."

Me: "I see. May I speak with your manager?"

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