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Almost... there.... wait for it...

Escrow funded today.

The close of Escrow will be recorded with the county clerk tomorrow.

Then I'm officially a homeowner.

It was supposed to happen today, but my agent gave me some bad info. Phooey on him. He's a salesman so he speaks in salesman terms and not in engineer terms. So, he when he says that escrow "closes" today, what he means is that it "funded" today and tomorrow it will be "recorded." In his mind, I'm sure that honestly means that escrow closes today... but in my mind, the process is still mid-transaction. If I don't have the keys... if it's not officially mine yet, then escrow ain't closed (and according to the escrow company I'm correct, it ain't closed until tomorrow).

I'm not saying that engineers are masters of communication, not by a long shot... but at least they are technically correct more often than not.

I've spent a good portion of my career as an interpretor between geeks and non-geeks. I think I would actually make a good manager if I cared for the work, but it's not really what I enjoy. I remember back at Virtualis that several of the non-geek managers enjoyed having me in meetings because the nerds didn't speak human and the humans didn't speak nerd.

Wow.... this entry about my escrow has remarkably little about the house. :)

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