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Kyle and Tiffany

Kyle and Tiffany were married on Saturday and it was a wonderful event. The ceremony was performed at Benedict Castle out in Riverside and it was a packed house. Everything went smoothly including the always present comedy of the little flower girls... one who was diligently placing her rose petals on the ground... and the other who was walking behind her picking them up. heh.

The reception was filled with great words for both Kyle and Tiffany from lots of family members. It's the same type of stuff you always hear at weddings, but I have to say I was really struck by just how true their words were. For example, Tiffany's dad said that the respect and admiration Kyle shows for Tiffany reminded him of how he felt about Tiffany's mother. Kyle is an awesome dude and I think Tiffany's dad had it right.

Tiffany is a lucky woman and she promised me that she would take good care of him. :) I've only gotten to hang out with Tiffany a handful of times, but it's easy to see that she is awesome as well. Here's a cute pic of us at Kyle's birthday last year..

The food was great, the music kicked major ass and a great deal of dancing was enjoyed! My legs were sore all Sunday from all the booty shakin' and my voice is still a little hoarse from all the singing (I tend to sing along while I'm dancing). Kyle and Tiffany got to enjoy a great deal of the dancing and I managed to capture this moment in between songs.

The whole experience was good for the heart.

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