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This isn't where I thought I was going to be when I looked forward into my life, but here I am....

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First Day of Classes

The Fall quarter starts today and I'm almost all the way through it. I had my first Five Elements class with Dia, my favorite teacher, which was fun. It only has 4 people in it and looks like it will be a very informal class. The other three are taking it as a requirement, but I'm taking it as an elective. Partially because it's something that I find to be very interesting in a general sense. Partially because the farther I go in this program the more I find a connection with the Five Element theory in my personal views on treatment and illness. The last reason is simply because Dia is teaching it. I haven't been able to have her as a teacher since Introduction to Herbology in my very first quarter.

As I write this I am sitting through Western Pathologic Physiology 3 and we are discussing Gastrointestinal function and dysfunction. Very relevant to my study, but astonishingly boring. The teacher really knows his stuff, but he's very dry and teaching a very dry subject... a bad combo. At least there are many people I know in this class. Eight people that I am at least moderately familiar with and four of which I know pretty well.

I'll have another post tomorrow with pictures from the house. Money was spent. House was improved. There was much rejoicing.

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