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My Old High School

I forgot to talk about this in my previous entries, but the weekend that I went to Kyle and Tiffany's wedding I also stopped by my old High School. The wedding was out in Riverside and the day of the wedding I got into town extra early to make sure I wasn't late, so I decided to stop by and see if anything had changed.

Certainly there were changes, but I could have drawn you a picture of the place almost exactly. Some parts of the campus have been renovated and have brand new doors/windows/etc, but some parts haven't changed in the slightest. The broken, deteriorating wooden bench over by the band room... is still broken and deteriorating.

I assumed that I would think everything was small, but I had the correct scaling for everything in my head. I hit my growth spurt pretty early so I've only grown a little bit since High School.

The biggest changes are to the grassy areas. There aren't many of them. The grassy/dirt area with trees (I'm pretty sure they were the same trees from when my brothers and sister went to the same school) around the library has been replaced with a concrete slab that has a couple of square holes in it where new trees have been planted. The big quad in the "center" of campus has been paved with an X. One of the other grassy areas has just simply been paved over, no trees or landscaping.

Other bits... they removed all the lockers. All of the portables (temporary class rooms) are gone. Some fences have been added.

Overall it was an interesting experience to walk across the campus. I wondered a lot if any of my favorite teachers were still teaching there.

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