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This isn't where I thought I was going to be when I looked forward into my life, but here I am....

Yes We Can

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Freak Ass Dream

I don't know where the dream actually started, but my memories of it begin here... no paragraph breaks here because dreams don't do that.

I was in "my" house, which is to say I was in a house that I know is mine, but looks nothing like mine. It mostly looked like the house on Lakeside where I lived as a kid, but there were structural discrepancies. I was in the foyer looking out through a window into the atrium (the window didn't exist in the real house, but the atrium did). I was talking on the phone to my sister, Laura, telling her about how wonderful the new landscaping in the atrium looked. When suddenly holes started appearing on in the ground as if dug from below and the plants were being sucked under. Some details I can't remember... then.. one wall of the atrium was part of the garage and there was a vent on that wall. A creature started slowly crawling out of the vent. When it got out completely I could see it was humanoid, about 3 feet tall and made entirely of leaves. It moved slowly away from me walking along the cement pathway out of the atrium and along the side of the garage toward the front of the house. As it walked by the plants they would suck into the ground and disappear. I ran back into the house FREAKING out, ranting hysterically to my sister and telling her that I was doing so. When I came back inside, the house had changed. It was still the living room from the Lakeside house, but instead of the back wall being a sliding glass door, a fireplace, and a sliding glass door it was multiple doors of different types... all glass. They were all open as well and there were several cats wandering in. I immediately shooed them away, closed the doors and started looking for Artemis to make sure she didn't get out. I called around for her and she didn't show up. I looked in the kitchen, which has a window into the atrium and as I looked out through the window I saw that the atrium was almost entirely barren now. I went back into the foyer and found a small gremlin type thing clawing at the tile on the floor. He started clawing through it as if it was dirt... but then when he broke the surface of the floor it spilled open like he had clawed through skin... and there was Artemis. She had been buried under the mud-skin of the floor, but she was alive and well as if nothing had happened. The gremlin thing walked down the hallway. I stopped to pet Artemis and make sure she was ok and then went after the gremlin. Into the hallway and I see rooms on either side of me. (This structure is a bit off from the Lakeside house, there were rooms roughly in these locations, but not these sizes or shapes). The bathroom on the right has had the same thing happen to it as the garden. All of the fixtures, the tub, the toilet, etc, have all be sucked into the walls. There is someone here, someone that I know and they are talking on the phone. Is it Tierzah? I can't tell. She doesn't seem to be upset by the disappearance of the stuff and is continuing her phone conversation. I turn around and head into another room on the left side of the hall. It would be the master bedroom in the original house but it's differently shaped and much, much larger. All of the furniture is gone, it's a barren room and there are 3 new doors situated around the room (again, all of them glass). All ajar and there are more cats. I shoo the cats out, close all the doors and then I realize that one side of the room (which had 2 of the new doors) aren't glass anymore. They are normal wooden doors. I go and open one and look in and there are whole new rooms that have been added to the house. Huge rooms filled with beautiful furniture and such. I realize that I've still got Laura on the phone and I tell her that I'll have to call her back. I turn around to go back through the rooms... I leave the new rooms and go back into the master bedroom to find that it has been refurnished beautifully. I never got to see in my dream how it was originally furnished, but my gut tells me it's much nicer than before. I go back out into the hallway then into the bathroom. The room itself is bigger now and new fixtures and such have been installed, but they are all nicer than before. A HUGE spa tub, beautiful shower, etc, etc, and the woman who was on the phone before says something like, "Isn't it awesome?!" and continues her conversation while dipping her feet into the spa. Into the living room and out to the atrium, all of the little plants that were recently planted by the landscapers (which had been sucked into the ground) are all now replaced with bigger and more beautiful versions of themselves. I walk down the walkway that the leaf creature walked and as I do, new plants are springing up from the holes, again bigger and better than before.

I wake up.

Now... there is some serious imagery and analogy in this dream that could probably warrant years of study, however, I think the overarching theme is this: What I had seemed good and then was taken away, but what comes after will be bigger and better.

So I'll take that as a win.

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