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What an ordeal..

Monday night I was feeling fine, went to class, came home, played a little WoW, no big deal. I decided to go to bed earlier than normal because I could use a little extra sleep. As soon as I climbed into bed though, I felt that all too familiar ache in my legs that signals a fever... and then out of nowhere... WHAM. It all hit me. I spent the night in horrible fevered delirium land. I spent Tuesday trying to rest and sleep, trying to keep hydrated. I was drinking the juices that I already had on hand, but they started making me nauseous in the evening. I stopped drinking which just made things worse and Tuesday night was once again spent in horrible fevered delirium land. I laid in bed for about 16 hours that night trying to rest and not finding any. Every time I closed my eyes, I was flooded by chaotic images and such, so I decided to sleep on my lounge downstairs with the TV on to give a little real-world sensory input to block out some of the fever craziness. Of course, when I got downstairs, it hadn't been 16 hours... it had been more like 4. blah.

I stuck it through the night, completely dehydrated at this point, and called Tom at 8am. He came down and brought me fluids and stayed to give me some company and such. Tami came and joined us a little later and she helped me out as well (even cleaning my kitchen!). Many many thanks to both of them.

Things were a little better with the fluids, but I still couldn't shake the fever (this was Wednesday). I was considering having some food because I was starting to get hungry, but then I started getting really dizzy. My fever was suddenly rebounding. I had been running around 99.8-100.2 but it had jumped to 101.5. I decided if I didn't burn this thing out soon I was going to need to head to an ER or something (which was then quickly supported by a text message from Dia suggesting that I get to an MD). Before I got that message, I went to the kitchen, took a shot of Green-Death Flavor NyQuil and went up to my bed with 3 big blankets and bundled myself up. I put a cool rag on my head to keep the fever from cooking my brain (I can still hear Dr. Twicken saying, "Don't cook the heart. Don't cook the brain.") and kept the rest of my body pent up in the furnace that was my stack of blankets. I was asleep pretty quickly, the cool rag helped keep my brain a little more clear, and when I woke up I was drenched. All of my clothes were completely saturated and the sweat was running off of my body. I knew I wasn't done, so I just turned a bit and tried to go back to sleep. This happened 3 or 4 times before I felt better. My fever broke around 9pm last night, but just in case I'm going to see my MD this morning in the case that it wasn't the flu and was something worse. A lot of "something worse" will start with flu-like symptoms. So, I might score some anti-biotics when I go, we'll find out. (and I'll let you know here)

*Update on Friday*

Blah! My fever returned last night. :( I had gone to school to take a quiz and come home, put all my bedding in the wash (because it was all gross from sweatfest 2007)... and just about that time, the fever hit me again. :( My sister was wonderful enough to come down and help me. She kept me company and helped by finishing the wash. Having linens to sleep on makes everything better. She even brought me a big fluffy quilt to make me feel better. What a good sis. *hug*

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