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"i got this" - Kenny Wyland

This isn't where I thought I was going to be when I looked forward into my life, but here I am....

Yes We Can

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Starting Over... Again

The alarm goes off at 7am. Snooze. The alarm goes off at 7:10am. Grr. Drag self out of bed, into shower. Get dressed. Go for bowl of cereal.... left the milk out last night. Check email. Check address. Verify paper in-hand....


I tried so hard to be at the court at 8:15am for my 8:30am appearance. I got to the court house at 8:35am and the security line was 40 people long. /facepalm

I got into the courthouse. I received multiple copies of my paperwork from the lawyer and all of the stated that I was supposed to appear in a different room. So, I went down the list. Room 107? Locked. Room 104? Didn't exist. Dept WEA? Didn't exist. There was no one at the Information desk, so I walked up to a Sheriff and asked him. He directed me to Dept A. I power-walked over and made it before the Judge arrived, so despite being 20 minutes late, I was safe.

I spoke with the Judge briefly and sat back down. An amusing bit here, is that after my appearance all of the following appearances changed. The people who talked to the judge before me would walk up and respond with "mmhmm" and then have to repeat their answers with "yes" and when it was done just walk away. When I walked up, I began with "Good morning, your honor." My answers were a clear "Yes" or short answer as needed and when I was done, I said, "Thank you, your honor" and took my seat. After that, all of the people said "good morning" or some kind of greeting and all of them said "thank you" before they left. I am a leader of people.

The result? My name has been legally changed to..

Kenny Aaron Joel Wyland

I waited around and got certified copies of the change and took them directly to the Social Security office. My name has been changed with them and next week I'll be able to order a new Driver's License. I'll be spending time today updating my name in lots of places: new credit cards, utilities, checks, etc.

I did some googling for Joel Wyland also. (Preemptive convention explanation: when I put words in brackets [like this] that means a google search for those words without the brackets... I'll just assume you know this for future entries). When I search for [joel wyland] I get a bunch of crap results that have Joel and Wyland in them, but in separate places. There are generally crappy results. When I search for ["joel wyland"] which forces the words to be next to one another, my MySpace page is result #3... but #1 is a guy mentioned in a Census taking from 1880. I'm not haughty, but I'll be damned if that guy has higher Page Rank than I do. :) Result #5 is actually a page about the character Joel Wyland I played many years ago, which comes from my role playing days. (Amusingly, in the short description about Joel Wyland they managed to get at least 2 things wrong.... but not the purple suit. The purple suit was hawt.)

So, help me out a bit and if you would like to link to this post please have the link text include "Kenny Joel Wyland" because that will help Google identify me.

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