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Gay Marriage vs. Civil Unions

I recently watched the Democratic Presidential Candidate debate that was sponsored by YouTube and CNN. As of this moment, I'm giving my vote to Barak Obama. I like what he has to say and he seems the most sincere of the group. That's a lie, he's the most sincere of the electables... I'd much rather have Kucinich, but there's no chance in hell he can get elected. One of the things I like about Obama is that bastard actually forced me to slightly change my stance on Gay Marriage. A politician who can make a logical argument that sways my opinion... that's a pretty powerful thing.

My previous stance was simply: Gay marriage must be legal.

I've adjusted that to the following:

In a perfect situation, the term marriage would be completely stricken from all governmental laws/documents and replaced with Civil Unions. "Marriage" would be the religious term and whether Gay people could be married would be determined by each individual denomination. Civil Unions and Marriage would have nothing to do with one another.

It is TOTALLY unrealistic that the term "marriage" will be purged from the government, which means then that Gay marriage must be legal.

(*edit* I posted in my journal about gay marriage several years ago and it started an argument that ended with the decision to never speak to my parents again. Let's see what this one does!)

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