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WoW UI Addons

I'm in the processing of reseting my WoW UI and downloading all new addons and such, so I figured while I'm going through it I might as well grab some URLs for some useful addons and share!

Omen Threat Meter

The first addon I'd recommend for everyone is Omen Threat Meter. It gives you a list of the people in the party/raid who also have some kind of threat meter and a bar graph of the threat so you can tell if you are about to pull agro and die. :) If you are considering Karazhan, this is a must-have.

Deadly Boss Mods (Core/BC)

The second addon I'd recommend for anyone who is considering raiding is Deadly Boss Mods. There are scripted elements to each of the big boss fights and these mods will give you warnings and such when bad things are about to happen. Is the Shade of Aran about to cast Flame Wreath? DBM will flash a big message on the screen saying "STOP MOVING" because if you move during Flame Wreath everyone dies. Are you caught in a Cave In in Gruul's Lair? It'll pop up a big message saying "Cave In!" and such. If you are considering Karazhan, this is a must-have.


I consider Gatherer to be a must-have for everyone who plays WoW. It will place little icons on your map and mini-map that show the locations of minerals, herbs, etc. You can choose to start with just the addon and discover all the gatherable nodes on your own or you can download their GathererDB which contains all of known nodes.

Outfitter Updated

When dealing with hybrid classes, it's easy to have several sets of gear like healing vs dps vs tanking. If you are playing a hybrid class, this addon is a must-have.

AtlasLoot Enhanced

This addon allows you to browse through loot available from different sources (dungeons, pvp, factions, etc). I find it very useful to search for upgrades and whatnot. It integrates with EquipCompare to facilitate that very thing.


When you hover over or click on an item, this addon will display your currently equipped item next to it for easy comparison. This addon has existed for a long time and users liked it so much that Blizzard implemented it into the default UI. Unfortunately, they only implemented it in certain places so we still need EquipCompare so that we can get the usefulness everywhere.


All of the new rating stats make it hard to get a feeling for the kind of tangible improvement stats will do. It will add notes after "Improves your spell critical strike rating by 21" so that you can see it will cause your to crit with spells 1% more often. It also will calculate extra bonuses you get from raw stats, like Intellect. It will add notes after the Intellect bonus and tell you how much mana, +spell/healing and +spell crit you receive from this raw Intellect stat. The addon is aware of talent bonuses and such, so it takes all of those things into account. Combined with EquipCompare above, you can quickly tell if this gear is an upgrade for you.


This addon keeps track of everything in your characters' banks and bags so that you can easily check another character without having to log in as them.


I've been using ArenaMaster, but I'm trying out Proximo at the moment for Arena fights and targeting. When fighting in the Arena, it allows you to mouse over an enemy and it will grab their name, class and create a targetable bar for them. I haven't actually used this one yet, so I may change this section in the future.


Tracks what fish you get and will automatically attach fishing lures and cast a line with a double-click.


A lot of people like to use Cartesian coordinates to find things on their maps instead of physical landmarks. This addon will give you a very inconspicuous (x,y) on your main ui and when you open your map it'll give you the (x,y) of your mouse.


You cannot join the Alterac Valley battleground as a Group which is a bummer if you want to play with your friends. This addon attempts to single-queue a group of people simultaneously so that they effectively are queued as a group. When each of the members of the group get their pop-up window letting them know they can join an AV battle, it will announce which AV instance to which they were assigned. This allows you to check and verify everyone received the same instance. If so, then everyone joins the battle. If not, you drop out of the queue and requeue.


This is just a sub-addon that comes with the Auctioneer suite. It will show you the vendor price of any item you hover over which helps questing be even more lucrative. You have to download the whole suite, but unless you are actively doing a lot of auctions, I wouldn't bother with all of the Auctioneer overhead. You'll need to include dependent addons Stubby and EnhToolTip along with Informant.

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