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Oh, how I hate thee.... Warrior + Druid

I've been playing in this 2 vs. 2 Gladitorial Arena in World of Warcraft. I enjoy it quite a bit, but I've run into this wall... the wall of Druid + Warrior. There is almost no team combination that is a good match against a Druid + Warrior. It's incredibly frustrating to fight those teams because they are SO much more powerful than any other combination of 2 classes... and the problem is that since it is so powerful... there are a million teams of that makeu-up.... and they are all very highly ranked.

So, every time my teammate and I start to climb in the rankings (Warlock + Paladin) we get to a certain point where 80% of all games are against a Warrior + Druid team... and they utterly destroy us. I mean, not even close. They don't even have to be good players to completely annihilate us... which of course drops our rating back down.

It's very frustrating.

I don't mind losing. Every class and every combination has their bane and their easy-kill.... the problem is that the Druid + Warrior combo doesn't have a bane. I could theoretically see a double Ret Paladin team defeat the Warrior + Druid team but... it would get pwned by almost every other combination so they'd never raise their rating at all.

It's a shame.

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