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Maya Riviera Day 3: Rehearsal Dinner

Today was the most eventful so far, despite having a good long nap. The nap and lots more water helped shake off the remainder of the Summer Heat from the day before. I got another massage (woo!), this time with aromatherapy. I spent more time at the pool and ran into some party people which finally made me feel like I was in Cancun. I guess I kind of expected revelers getting way too drunk and doing stupid stuff, but until this moment, I hadn't see anything. I stumbled upon people in a beer chugging contest. I hung out and watched because it gave me something to do while chillin in the pool (I usually get bored in like 5 minutes and just go back to my room). While watching I ran into a couple of women from the wedding group who I had danced with at the club the night before and we hung out a bit. We took a lesson and learned to dance the Merenge. It's remarkably simple, but I need some work with a few moves. There is a part where you slowly turn around by snapping your hips back and forth and I can do it when turning left, but not right.

Later than night was the "Rehearsal" Dinner. None of the tables had markings, it was just free for all on who was sitting where... and the funny part was that Clay and Sarah didn't have seats. There was a whole table empty, but sitting there meant they would be totally alone. The peeps that I know had covered two tables, so we did some juggling and we got to have Clay and Sarah at our table, which was cool.

From the Dinner to the bar.... hung out with Keaver and Sage's family (Sage and Maria and their two adorable children, Te and Miles). 4 Mai Tai's later and I still wasn't even tipsy. What the hell? :) I watched him make the drinks and they weren't light on the alcohol... *shrug*

The Wedding is tomorrow! I hope to do some major dancing!

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