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This isn't where I thought I was going to be when I looked forward into my life, but here I am....

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Weekend of Raids, Birthday, Badminton and Movie

This weekend was pretty packed with stuff.

Friday and Saturday nights included the standard raiding. We killed Kael for the 3rd time (go us!) and cleared 3 out of 5 bosses in Hyjal. We're having some trouble managing the silences during the fight with Azgalor but I'm confident we'll have it figured out soon.

After the raid on Friday night I had originally planned to hit an Industrial club with Red as her last club before she leaves Los Angeles. She left on Sunday! *waves sadly* She's going to be securing space and getting things set up for when her boyfriend follows... oh, did I say boyfriend? I meant fiance! WOO! Congrats guys!

EDIT: Oops! Forgot post-raid Saturday evening! Headed down to Tim and Elisa's to celebrate Tim's birthday! Woo! Happy Birthday, Tim!

Sunday included my 2nd trip down to SMC where I played a couple hours of badminton. Phew! I tired. I came home, busted out the BBQ and grilled up a couple of steaks for Laura and myself. Getting better at it! After some relaxing Karazhan action, I headed over to the mall and watched Tropic Thunder.


I was surprised how many stars were in it. It's not just Downey Jr., Jack Black, and Ben Stiller.... it's got Tom Cruise, Matthew McConaughey and even a couple of funny appearances from Tobey Macguire.

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