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Finally! Someone tries to stop the insanity!

The first night of the DNC nearly drove me to throw stuff at the TV, but my TV is really sexy and expensive... so I didn't. After asking about Hillary Clinton 167 billion times on the first night.... is she going to unify the party? Will she support Obama? Why hasn't she supported Obama? Shouldn't she have supported Obama earlier? I know you just answered my question about if she should have supported Obama earlier, but I just want to ask if an earlier support of Obama is something she should have done?

Chris Matthews was one of the dumbest in the group, asking incredibly stupid questions, tripping over himself constantly. Someone FINALLY stood up to try to stop the ridiculous stream of stupid questions.

Lisa Caputo, the former Press Secretary for Hillary Clinton when she was First Lady, was answering questions. She explained that Hillary Clinton was going to step up tonight and show all out support for Obama. She explained that her only priority right now is getting Obama elected. She's going to be attacking John McCain and even though she wanted to win, she knows that Obama is better for the country than McCain and she's going to support him, going to campaign for him, and that is the priority.

She answered it 5 times already and Chris Matthews follows up with "Lisa, what is the current Clinton plan to regain the Whitehouse for the family... I mean, if Barack Obama wins this election he'll no doubt win the nomination of the Democratic Party in four years... how can the Clintons get back the Whitehouse if Barack does win?"

Her beautiful answer?

"Oh Chris, how can you ask that question... for god's sake..."

She reiterated that Clinton's current plan is only to get Obama elected. She's already been campaigning for Obama for 2 months even though historical primary opponents usually wait until the Convention to endorse the winner.

Chris Matthews poses the question again... she laughs at him and he says, "I'm serious. Why are you laughing? Everyone thinks there is [a plan]..."

Lisa Caputo responds, "I guess that's to fill a 24 news cycle."

Lisa Caputo, I want to buy you dinner.

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