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Tech Note: Google Releases Web Browser named Chrome

Google released Chrome, a new web browser.

It looks pretty darn cool, it doesn't have a Mac or Linux version yet, but I'm sure it'll be coming along soon.

They created a comic which describes the new design and features of Chrome. The central point of Chrome is that it's almost entirely brand new. Most web browsers still have their roots in what the web was like in the 90s. They've used the Safari WebKit as the basis for the rendering engine, but they've updated it and the world that they run it in is a whole new one.

It's designed from the bottom up to be secure and fast. It works from the assumption that the security WILL get breached at some point. It compartmentalizes the system so that when it does get breached, the offending code will be locked in a small jail and will be unable to affect things outside of its sandbox. In addition... all other browsers work as one "process" running on your computer and has multiple "threads" running inside each process. So, if one thread helping with a webpage gets hijacked by a virus or malware then the whole application is infected. Chrome runs each new Tab has a separate process with a mother process that controls them all. Processes are encapsulated environments which is hte small jail to which I just referred. As soon as you close that Tab, that process is killed which means even if that Tab got infected with a virus or malware, the malware dies along with the tab.

The other part that they got help from someone else on is the JavaScript engine. A brand new Javascript execution engine will remove speed problems, memory problems and is better able to handle today's javascript needs because it was written... today.

It looks pretty hot and sexy. It doesn't have all the features of every browser, but that's sort of the point. A good balance between what you need and what you want so that it can be fast, secure and useful.

I'm excited to try it out on the Mac.

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