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Making it through Finals..

2 Finals down, 2 Finals to go.

This morning was Therapeutics. A very difficult class, actually my second time taking it. I passed it the first time, but it's such an important class that I didn't want to just squeak by so I took it again this quarter. I did much better this time. I got a B on the final today which goes along with an A, C, and B on the previous exams this quarter.

This afternoon was Herbal Formulae. *sigh* I wasn't looking forward to this test. The tests have always been given in a common format. For example: a set of symptoms and multiple choice of formula names, or a formula name and a multiple choice on pathologies. She told us this test was going to be different, she'd give us a set of symptoms and instead of a multiple choice of formula names, we'd have to produce the name ourselves (not that big of a deal) and then we'd have to write out all of the individual herbs that go into that formula (holy crap). I haven't been studying that, because we never get tested on it... and now here it is. The final is going to be 9 questions and I'll need to reproduce the individual herbs for all 9 questions. *sigh*

I tried to catch up and study all of the herbal formulae, but this is way too much information to absorb this quickly.

I got the test and started going through it. I was overwhelmed. I saw the list of symptoms and the huge blank space below it and my brain emptied. I tried to calm myself and decided to do the test in waves. I read through all of the questions without answering any of them. Then I went back and filled in just the formula names and then I went back to fill in the herbs for each formula. I got 8 out of 9 names. The 1 I got wrong was "Si Ni Tang" and I put "Si Ni San." I knew the formula was Si Ni Tang, but screwed up and wrote San. However, I was sucking at pulling up the herb names.

Then the skies opened... and the angels sang out....

The proctor had told us he had a surprise for us when he passed the test out that he would explain later. Just about the time I was choking on the herbs, he explained the surprise...

We could collaborate on the test.

Yes, the test was SO hard that our teacher had told the proctor to allow us to work together.


*phew* Dodged that bullet.

Zang Fu 2 is tomorrow night, Pathophysiology is Thursday.

After that is a flurry of more studying before I leave for Nevada. Campaign for Obama day and night. Head back to Los Angeles to take midcurriculum. Head back to Nevada and continue to campaign day and night for Obama until Nov 4th. Then come back to Los Angeles and sleep for a month.

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