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Rough week for McCain: Economy, Fiorina, Palin, Rothschild... and Tits

McCain's ridiculous statement about the fundamentals of economy being strong hurt his support a great deal this week, but that wasn't the only hit he took.

Carly Fiorina, one of McCain's top aides, said that neither McCain nor Palin could not run a major corporation. She said that neither Obama nor Biden could do it either.... but when you are a top McCain aide doing an interview as a spokesperson for McCain and you say he's not able to be the executive of a corporation.... you fucked up.. HARD.

"Carly will now disappear," this [anonymous] source said. "Senator McCain was furious.

In a speech today, Palin described the "Palin and McCain administration"... putting herself first. Doesn't seem like a big deal, but it's a VERY big deal to put your name first. That's the top of the ticket... not the bottom.

Troopergate seems to be spiraling out of control, because both Sarah and Todd Palin refuse to respond to subpoenas for the investigation. They are complaining that the investigation has become a partisan issue... completely ignoring the fact that the groups calling for the investigation and issuing the subpoenas have both Democrats and Republicans who support it. The more they struggle against it, the more they look guilty.

Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild, a former Hillary supporter, came out in support of McCain this week. Amusingly she's been attacking Obama with the tried and true "elitist" label. Lady Lynn is a Lady because she is British royalty. The Rothschild family is described as an "international banking and finance dynasty." Lady Lynn is the CEO of several international companies. Having her throw slings about elitism is hilarious.

She would be a pretty good supporter, but she Fiorina'd today when trying to riff on Obama. She was trying to slam him about comments he made about people clinging to religion or guns. However, she said:

Rothschild said, "Barack Obama went and called the people who have guns and cling to their religion bitter. The people out who are the rednecks or whatever are bitter."

(Emphasis mine)

heh. Now, she's trying to imply that Obama thought these people were rednecks, but Obama never said anything like that. The problem is that SHE just called them rednecks. It's not being seen as a hit on Obama, it's being seen as a major gaffe on her part.

.... and last, but not least. Tits.

Caroline Braun was on Fox News and said:

If you're asking me.. I think the idea that she would appeal to Hillary voters.. you know.. the pro-choice vs not seems to be a much bigger issue than.. you know... she has tits vs.. you know... she has another body part that men have.

I shit you not.

Fast forward to about 0:40 seconds in...

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