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Two Projects: Food and Paint

1) Eating

I went down to one of the Japanese Markets on Sawtelle and found these neat little sauce packets for different asian dishes. Last night's experiment was Beef and Broccoli!

From Random Around the House

It..... looks better than it tasted. I over-cooked the meat, so it was super hard and yucky. The sauce, rice and broccoli were very good though.

2) Painting

Movement on redoing the Living Room (for the third time) has begun. This should be the last. Phase 1 of that starts today. Laura and I pulled all of the baseboard trim out, took a small break from that in order to fix the big hole I put in the wall with the crowbar, and then put up a layer of primer. The super dark green from before does not wish to be covered, so tomorrow is actually going to be a second coat of primer in the morning and maybe a first coat of paint in the evening. Not sure. I think I may just paint in the mornings/afternoons and do 1 coat each day.

Phase 2 will consist of having contractors rip out the shitty hardwood floor in the living room and replace it with some nice stone-like tile. It'll have very little grout in it, it'll look more like marble floor, but with ceramic tile instead.

Option Phase 3 will consist of a new front door. The current one blows. It lets a draft in underneath and yet still cannot be opened all the way because it smacks against the floor. So after I have a new floor, I'll be able to determine if the door needs to be raised, etc and just get a new door installed.

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