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Hallway: The Returnarating

When I first moved into my house and started doing .... well, let's call it The Corruption... I started to work on the hallway. It had wall paper on it, which I dislike, so I went about stripping it down so the hallway could be painted. I discovered, however, that under the wall paper was a layer of plaster and under that was another layer of wall paper and under that was another layer of plaster... and under THAT was a layer of paint and then the original wall. It revealed itself to be a much larger project, so I abandoned it in favor of others. However, the walls were already partially stripped and they have stayed that way for a long time. How long has it been since I moved in here? *goes to check* 2 and a half years. 2 and a half years this hallway has looked like crap, with partial layers of the wall removed, bits of old wall paper hanging... it's terrible. It's a small little hallway though, so I've been able to ignore it.

I have a new, beautiful bathroom and a horrible hallway that leads to it! So, this morning I continued the work I started 2.5 years ago. I pulled down the crown molding and the baseboard trim. I pried off the doorway trim. With a little muscle I scraped off several layers filling 2 big trash cans! I even busted out my steamer and used it to strip the final bits of wall paper, right down to the original wall board!

The weirdest discovery of the day... there were some parts of the wall that seemed to have a different texture to it. For the most part, once I had my scraper under the wall paper I could just push through and it would pull up long strip. However, in this weird part I was totally unable to get my scraper underneath and strip it away. I came at it from all different directions and stripped away as much as possible and figured that I'd use the steamer to finish it up. Laura made the discovery though.. the spot that still remained... was EXACTLY the size of a door. It's rectangular, the exact same width and height of the door about 2 feet to the left of it. It appears there was a door there and it has been sealed up! Wacky! It makes me interested to know what the original layout was and makes me wonder how difficult it is to view the original blue prints of the house.

Tomorrow will see more wall stripping. I'm hoping that I'll be able to completely finish cleaning the walls so I can paint on Wednesday. Then on Thursday I'll buy the Miter Saw that I've been considering buying for awhile now and finish the crown molding, and door trim. Wish me luck!

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