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The Fridge saga is much shorter and far less tragic than the front door saga.

It is time to replace my fridge to match all of the other sexy stainless steel appliances I've gotten for the kitchen. I wasn't going to buy it just this second, but while working on the kitchen I realized it was time. To stain the cabinets around it I had to pull the fridge out....

and it wouldn't budge.

The fridge is 36" wide and so is the cabinet opening. Those of you who are good at math understand that to fit A into B you have to make sure A's dimensions are less than B. It took me a crowbar and a half an hour to get the fridge out of the cabinet space. I had previously seen there was some cabinet damage on one side of the fridge, but once I got the fridge out I was able to see the extent of it. They clearly bought the wrong fridge and just tried to saw some of the cabinet away to force it to fit.

It's out though and I spent the morning shopping for a new one! I'm really trying to build my shopping skills because as a general rule I'll go to one place and if I find something I like then I'll buy it. I did some research online yesterday to find out the different possible styles and such. I went to Best Buy, Sears and Home Depot and looked at what they had. I decided to splurge a bit and bought an LG French Door Stainless Steel:

Here's what it looks like with the doors open.

Best Buy had it listed for $2519 (on sale).
Sears had it listed for $2799.
Home Depot had it listed for $2999.

Well. We have a winner. It'll be delivered tomorrow!

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