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Dick Cheney and the Ministry of Truth

Hat tip to Juan Cole for bringing this to my attention.

Some days Dick Cheney is... amazing. This one is subtle.

"But what he says concerns me: That there is still a continuing problem. One might speculate that insurgents are waiting as soon as they get an opportunity to launch more attacks.

"I hope Iraqis can deal with it. At some point they have to stand on their own. But I would not want to see the U.S. waste all the tremendous sacrifice that has gotten us to this point."

Quote harvested from Cheney Worried That Iraq Withdrawal Will 'Waste' The Sacrifice By U.S. Troops

Now, he is careful not to mention Obama in his statement, but he's been making these kinds of statements for awhile. On several occasions he has stated that the Obama administration is outright making our country less safe by undoing the work of the Bush administration. This one is a little more subtle though. He's a smart guy and leaves himself that play. Even though people will notice what he's doing, he can brush it off because it's not technically what he said... even though most people will hear it that way.

He's saying that it's a bad idea to withdraw from the cities in Iraq because it's just going to invite more violence without our presence. He's saying that this carries the risk of wasting all of "our" sacrifices up to this point. The "funny" part, though, is that the Bush administration negotiated this withdrawal. Not Obama. This withdrawal was part of the Status of Forces Agreement negotiated and signed before Obama was the President.

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