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Obama's Speech about Afghanistan

I have three main points that I'd like to make about the speech.

My Reaction

My opinion about Afghanistan has changed over time. I was a supporter of the original war, but Al Qaeda isn't really the threat there anymore. I'm unhappy that the Taliban is being discussed interchangeably with Al Qaeda when discussing our national security. I assumed there would be a troop increase, so I wasn't surprised about that. What I did enjoy hearing though was a tangible timetable for withdrawal. He wants to do the job and get out. I know that realistically we'll always have troops in Afghanistan... FOREVER, but I don't want it to be an active fight. We've still got troops in Germany and Korea, so I'm sure we'll keep troops in Afghanistan for as long as I am alive.

Conservative Reaction

No one is surprised that the conservative section of the media wasn't going to like the speech regardless of what it said. They got a troop escalation which is what they wanted, so what did they bitch about? That the speech wasn't "inspirational" like most of Obama's speeches and that he didn't use the word "win."

It's just stupid. He wasn't giving a soaring inspirational speech because he was talking to and about our soldiers who are going to be sent to war. Some of these people will die! If he gave a rousing, into the rafters speech it would be completely inappropriate.

As for using the word "win".... Why don't you go ask the mother who lost her son to a roadside bomb... why don't you go ask the solider who will be unable to walk for the rest of his or her life because they took shrapnel in their spine... why don't you ask them if they feel like a winner?

No one wins when humans are maimed and killed. The best we can hope for is to set a good goal and succeed.

No one wins in war.

Liberal Reaction

Tons of liberals seem to be losing their shit about Obama betraying them because he's sending more troops to Afghanistan.


He VERY clearly campaigned on his belief that we needed to be out of Iraq and needed to focus our military and political will in Afghanistan, so if you think you've been betrayed... well, then you've only been betrayed by the false image you have of Obama in your head. Afghanistan isn't the hardest problem we have to face, but I think it's the hardest decision to make. I think Obama lived up to his promises by taking a good long time time to learn, discuss and decide what course of action to take going forward in Afghanistan. He gave us reasoned decision making instead of jock-ish, gut reactions. That's one of the reasons I voted for him.

I don't have a good answer for Afghanistan. I don't even know that there IS a good answer. However, I do know that he's following the plan that he told us he would follow and yall need to stop freaking out.

In short: Liberals... chill the fuck out.

Here is the full speech:

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