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This isn't where I thought I was going to be when I looked forward into my life, but here I am....

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Great Quote about Obama

I pulled this from Kelli's Facebook and she quoted it from somewhere else on Facebook.

Who would have thought a year ago that in less than a year the new administration would have saved the financial system from collapse, saved the US auto industry from liquidation, brought the economy back from the brink, got the stock market up 50%, stabilized the housing market, committed to close Guantanamo, appointed a progressive judge to the Supreme Court, passed a nearly $1 trillion stimulus bill, ended torture, got the UN Security Council to agree unanimously to reduce nuclear weapons, reached out the Muslim world which may have empowered a counter-revolution in Iran, started bringing the troops home from Iraq and committed more US and NATO forces to Afghanistan, passed health care reform legislation in the House and defeated a filibuster in the Senate, introduced energy legislation, took the US in a different direction in climate change talks, made the United States the most admired country in the world once again, and won the Nobel Peace Prize?!!! Yet Obama has done all of that and more. It is unbelievable to me that all some people can do is criticize after a record like that. -- Joe Markowitz

I know that Obama isn't perfect and he's not going to do everything I want him to and probably isn't going to do everything he said he would, but I like this statement because I tire of former Obama supporters who claim that he has abandoned them. I think he's holding up to his promises pretty darn well for still only having been in office less than a year and having to deal with the greatest financial collapse since the Great Depression.

I think that if I was ever elected to Public office that I would be proud to be able to accomplish as much as he is taking on and making progress on. I don't think the Health Care Reform that is currently coming out of Congress is all that good, but he's pushing them to get some important stuff done and he has to let them due the rest because that is how our govt is structured. Health Care Reform isn't even the best thing he's doing. All of the work and energy that his Administration is putting into technological advances in energy and our power grid... I think THAT is going to be his true legacy. I fear that we are an empire in decline. Our education is poor, our work ethic is poor, our economy is becoming too dependent on service which can easily move elsewhere leaving us with nothing, etc, etc, etc... I think Obama's push for better education, a modern and advanced power grid and a whole new energy industry is going to revitalize us over the next couple of generations. We definitely want to be the place where China buys its next generation of energy technology. We don't want it to be the other way around.

I guess what I'm trying to say, in short, is Obama is going not only the job we elected him to do, he's doing a great job.

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