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Home Improvement Potentials List

Since one of my resolutions is to improve my home throughout 2010, I decided it would be good to put together a list of the non-daily/weekly maintenance improvements that I need/want to do to my home. I'll add new stuff to this list whenever I remember new things and I'll update it as I complete these tasks.

In no particular order, but organized by room:

Whole House

Investigate, Design and Install a centralized sound system.


Finish Cabinets - I started this project in 2009 and never completed it, so my cabinets are all missing doors.

Add some latex sealer between counter and backsplash near the sink. It is cracking. (Completed 02/04)

Dining Room

Fix the dining room light - It has two problems. It buzzes when you turn it on, so it needs a capacitor installed. Secondly it doesn't hang straight down and needs to be reseated.

Cut/Paint/Install crown moulding.

Living Room

Cut/Paint/Install crown moulding.

Patch hole in wall left from the old heating system. (Currently hidden by a book shelf)

Paint door.

Figure out what to do with fireplace. Remove? Cover? Retile? Install new mantle?


Clean excess paint off of the french door windows. (Completed 01/05)

Paint second coat on trim.

Paint crawl space door white.

Install crown moulding around small section of ceiling above my desk.

Install curtains on windows by desk to block the sun in the mornings (it shines directly in my eyes and discourages me from working there). Completed 02/01)

Need more light directly above my desk. Either need to install light fixture or add a plug-in lamp.


Needs a full rehab:

Paint walls.

Patch hole in ceiling.

Replace power receptacles and light switches.

Replace light fixture.

Replace door trim: Tear down old stuff, cut/paint/install new stuff.

Cut/paint/install crown moulding.

Investigate how much it would cost and what it would take to install a door at the bottom of the stairs up to the master bedroom.

Master Bedroom

Install electrical junction box next to ceiling fan to cover wires.

Design and build headboard for the bed.

Rewire light switch at the top of the stairs. The left switch turns on the right light and the right light turns on the left switch. Gotta reverse those so it makes sense.

Install curtains on main window.

Install curtains on side window.

Master Bathroom

Replace light bulbs (Completed 1/14)

Paint walls.

Build some kind of box to cover the pipes leading to the mini-airconditioner.

Replace crappy curtains on exterior door to the roof patio.

Have whirlpool bathtub serviced to find out why it only works intermittently.

Install new toilet roll holder.

Front Bathroom

Add rubber gasket and sealant around shower faucet.

Touch up paint on accent tiles.

Install new toilet roll holder.

Small Bedroom

Paint walls and ceiling.

Remove floor and door trim, cut/paint/install new trim.

Cut/Paint/Install crown moulding.

Install new ceiling light fixture.

Cut, Finish and Install new shelves. The current shelves are just unfinished plywood and they slip off the shelf pins.

Fix window handle. The current window handle broke off, so it's very difficult to open.


Take down Christmas Lights. (Completed 1/14)

Take care of the stack of wood on back patio. This is going to be a..... disgusting project. Hopefully the wood will can be salvaged. I worry because I think some water has gotten into the bottom of the stack, so some of the wood may be rotten through. Opening this up and pulling the wood out may involve mold and such, so it's going to require masks and gloves, etc. Once the wood is out and cleaned up, I also need to strip all of the paint and reclaim as much of the wood as possible. I want to use this wood to build the aforementioned headboard for my bed.

Figure out what to do with the backyard. Grass refuses to grow, so maybe I'll try a paving stone arrangement or some round stones, etc.

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