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Wall Street Reform: Is it being rushed?

I'm continuing my series about Fact and Fiction on Wall St Reform as produced by The Whitehouse. The Lindsey Memo is an anti-reform talking points memo written by Larry Lindsey, a former Bush appointee and a former Enron consultant.


Lindsey Memo: "The Financial Regulation reform bill is being rushed to the Senate floor, possibly as early as next week. Formal bipartisan negotiations on a number of issues were ended, reportedly at the request of the White House, although informal conversations are still proceeding."


For more than a year the Administration and members of Congress has been involved in a bipartisan discussion and public debate about the best way to reform Wall Street. The Administration released a comprehensive policy proposal and detailed legislation in the spring and summer of 2009. The White House has been unwavering in its desire to move forward on a bipartisan basis to common sense reform that will restore accountability on Wall Street, end taxpayer bailouts, and place the financial system back on a sound foundation for growth and prosperity for all Americans. Only in Washington could people still argue for delay more than two years after the start of the worst financial crisis in generations.

This Bill isn't being rushed, it's been far too damn long in coming. However, the "rushing" or "jamming it down our throats" has been and will continue to be a popular tactic among anti-reform people even though it's not based in reality at all.

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