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Tea Party vs The Other 98%: Racists and Whackjobs?

Here is an interesting case in point about the inherent racism in the Tea Party... The following group calls themselves The Other 98% and they organized a protest on Wall Street:

The interesting part is that from the standpoint of simple ideas this group really isn't all that far off from the Tea Party. They want fiscal responsibility, they don't like the bailout, they "want their America back", etc.

So why aren't these people being called racists and whackjobs as well?

For one, none of The Other 98%'s rhetoric involves race.

They aren't carrying around signs that call Obama a nigger, or describe some vast conspiracy of Obama to enslave the white race. Tea Party rallies have lots of these kinds of signs that expose the core of the Tea Party's objection. Sure, they are upset that government and big business are causing some problems in the country, but they only REALLY got upset about it once a black guy was in charge.

In fact, I paused several times in the above video to get a good look at the signs throughout the background and not only did I see someone from literally every race on the planet, I also saw signs calling for the repeal of the new "Papers Please" bill in Arizona that essentially requires racial profiling. This group doesn't have a racist undercurrent like The Tea Party does. The Other 98% is actually interested in the real problem with the banks that nearly destroyed our economy.

Secondly, The Other 98% isn't spewing uneducated Nazi/Socialism drivel

A lot of Tea Party members get dismissed as whackjobs because the rhetoric they spew about Nazis and socialism is not only ignorant of history but also ignorant of the present. Not only does it make the Tea Party look stupid, but it also causes onlookers to wonder why they are so upset about something that isn't true. Conservatives have been screaming about socialism destroying our country for decades and yet people on the whole love their Medicare. Even the moron in the middle image above doesn't realize that their Medicare they are trying to defend IS socialized medicine.

Thirdly, The Other 98% is not threatening violent revolution

When you actively call for the murder of government officials, as the man in the left image IS DOING, people will consider you a whackjob. When you proudly wear the label "terrorist" on your sign, people will consider you a whackjob. The Tea Party routinely calls for the violent overthrow of the government on the grounds that it has become a tyrannical dictatorship, even though every action being taken by the government is being done with the Legislative, Executive and Judicial structures described by the Constitution. You may not agree with the actions, but it's not frakking tyranny. It's still a republic with a representative democracy.

The protest orgranized by The Other 98% isn't all happy-smiley. These people are PISSED too, so it's not anger that makes the Tea Party the Mayor of Whackjobville. The Other 98%'ers are angry about the situation with Wall St and the government and are calling on their government and law enforcement officials to take action. They believe that the CEOs and other executives who wrought havoc on our economy committed crimes against the country and they want the bankers to suffer repercussions. They aren't threatening to kill the CEOs or burn the buildings down, they are calling for a governmental and systemic response to the on-going problem. They are calling for accountability within the system. That's an adult and mature response to the situation.

Lastly (for now), The Other 98% doesn't need propaganda to vilify their Target

If you watch the above video, you'll see people carrying signs which include the faces of the CEOs of the banks who brought down our economy. They don't have Hitler mustaches on them, they don't have devil horns, etc. They don't need to trump up some evil image, because their anger isn't based on a racist or fictional piece of propaganda. The heart of their argument is based in reality. The banks run by these CEOs defrauded the country, got insanely rich while doing so, and nearly brought us all down. No extra vilification needed, thanks.

If the Tea Party was actually more like The Other 98%, maybe we wouldn't consider the Tea Party to be mostly racist and ignorant morons. We do have problems in this country, but racism and violence which is based on fiction is not the answer.

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