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Entitlements: Mine or Yours or Ours?

I was watching Realtime with Bill Maher on HBO last Friday and one of the guests was Steve Bannon, director of the Sarah Palin documentary "The Undefeated." At one point he said the following:

From the Tea Party perspective, working men and women in this country, the middle class of this country, feel that there's socialism for the very wealthy and socialism for the poor, and a brutal form of capitalism for everybody else.
-Steve Bannon

A very eloquent and true statement, but I found it to be deeply telling. I think the Tea Party isn't pissed off about socialism... they're pissed off that THEY DON'T GET the socialism. It's like this guy from one of the Tea Party rallies:

I don't think they are truly upset that the govt has socialist programs, they just want to get some of the yummy socialism. Then while still stewing this idea in my brain, Jon Stewart steps up last night and comes to the same conclusion. He played some clips from Fox News' Megyn Kelly who has just returned from maternity leave and is attacking a talk radio host who called maternity leave "a racket."

Jon Stewart said:

This is the problem with Entitlements. They're really only Entitlements when they're something OTHER people want. When they're something YOU want, they're a hallmark of a civilized society. The foundation of a great people! 'I just had a baby and found out maternity leave strengthens society, but since I still have a job unemployment benefits are clearly socialism.'
- Jon Stewart

I've run into this concept a couple of times before, but couldn't really put words to it. I've spoken with very conservative people who think the government should be teeny-tiny and should get out of the way of business... but when the government offers money to help them expand their business or help them beautify their property/storefront... well hell they're all over it! It comes back to the idea above:

They're really only Entitlements when they're something OTHER people want.

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