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Security Cameras 1st Victim: Get Off My Lawn!

Yesterday I caught two kids stealing a sign from my front yard.. and I got it on video with my new security camera system... and took that video to show the parents.

A couple of kids, Jacob and Jesus, got out of school across the street. I have a couple of signs in my front yard, one for Theresa's Tutoring business and one that offers the kids a free iPhone app.

Apparently Jesus thought "free iPhone app" actually said, "Steal my sign." Then his friend Jacob decided he should go impress the kids at the corner by skate boarding over to them with the sign.

I noticed them on the security cameras and ran outside just as they were starting to leave with the sign. At the end of the video you see them stop at the edge of the neighbor's yard... that's because I burst through my front door yelling at them.

I had Jacob, the one holding the sign when I came out, take me too his home and had a little talk with his mom and dad. I showed them the video and explained to them if I see Jacob touching anything at my house again I'll have the cops on their doorstep.

At the time, I hadn't seen Jesus in the video camera, so I didn't track his parents down, but I got his name from Jacob and will be following up with the school when they are back in session to find out his parent's info.

(If the video doesn't show above, reload the page. YouTube is being weird today.)

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