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Things to do

  1. Read a poem. Even if you never liked poetry. Just try it. Here's a site I found through Google -- new poems every day. Or try this site (thanks, Lee!). Maybe you'll like it, one poem a day. I like these poems a lot.

  2. Go for a bike ride or for a long hike. With yourself or with a loved one or two. Smell the air and feel the wind and watch the sun move across the sky while you're moving.

  3. Work on that project of yours that's been languishing, ignored. You know what project I'm talking about. If you leave it alone for too long, you'll start to hate it. And yourself, a tiny bit.

  4. Turn off your TV. Turn it off. Don't watch the news channels any more. Not this week.

  5. Take some photographs. Of the place where you live. The path from your car to your house. The trees, up close and far away. Your loved ones. Fill a roll of film, or fill your memory card, whichever comes first.

  6. Educate yourself. About the world. About politics. About how things work. Share what you've learned. But be nice about it.

  7. Learn another language. Start with ten words today. Ten more tomorrow. Pretty soon you'll get it.

  8. Teach someone something. Watch their eyes light up when they get it. Feel yourself light up on the inside, where no one can see but you.

  9. Call an old friend. Or write if you hate the phone. Or email if you're a real chicken, but still want to communicate.

  10. Be nice to everyone you meet today. Even if you don't feel like it.

And tomorrow, I suggest doing these all over again.

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