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The end
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Having thought a lot about it, I think this is the logical end for this blog. I'll leave it up, so those of you who've felt it's been useful can direct your friends to the entries if you want. But as a publishing process blog, it's served its purpose.

Final report: ABSENT FRIENDS did well. It got great reviews; the disappointment there was a few outlets (the NY Times, e.g.) that didn't review it. On the other hand, it got PEOPLE magazine, which I've never had before, and they loved it. And no review was less than enthusiastic, which is terrific. It's selling well, and will sell through its printings, I think, which makes it a success. And it will have another life in paperback, next fall.

In the end, I think there were readers who couldn't get past the fact of 9/11. I'm disappointed in that but I certainly understand it. As the event fades into the past people may feel more able to read about it. Meanwhile, I wrote the book I meant to write, Bantam published it well, and the whole "author experience" was a good one.

If anything more happens in terms of foreign or Hollywood interest, I'll mention it on the other blog, linked above. And anyone who wants to talk about publishing or writing in more general terms is welcome over there.

And to all a good night.

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