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Mr December
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Hello hello. I'm in my hypermode holiday work phase. I go into the Brown Trance which allows me to keep from having a stroke. The Brown reference is to my shipping company's awesome marketing slogan. Didn't anyone tell them what color a turd is? Anyway that's why the lack of posts but it's the weekend and I untrance myself. Heh.

On the writerly front, I want to write a novel. Yes I do. But I don't. I write short stories. I write four chapters of a novel. Several times. But I don't write a novel. Never felt like I had an idea that would keep me vested in the long haul. So I wrote out 10 ideas I had into 10 loglines and presented them to my writing group. Took a poll of what they liked, all secret ballot-like.

The winner: A co-dependent therapy group battles a criminal mastermind after they find out when they are together they possess inhuman powers.
The loser: An off-kilter herpetologist and a lesbian postal worker stalk their ex-lover's new boyfriend to find out what he has that they don't.

Too close to call, huh? Sure they suck but they are my sucky ideas, okay? I do like the energy in the winner but it may be too close to that movie Mystery Men. That movie coulda, shoulda, woulda been good but it tanked completely.

Lit: stealing from Gwenda Peter Straub lost boy lost girl

Music: Jolie Holland 'Catalpa' If you like the Be Good Tanyas you will like this

Read/Post Comments (1)

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