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Run For Your @$^%@ Life!
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I'm sure that's how the horses and greyhounds feel everytime they race. That's how I feel when I'm at work. I tell my co-workers that it's all about attitude. If you have a bad attitude at this job, you will probably have a bad attitude at the next job. But screw that, my job sucks. I need relief in a hurry. Relief comes in the form of movies, books and music.

Jolie Holland released her new CD, "Escondida", this week. It's a more polished follow up to "Catalpa", which was recorded in someone's apartment. I also purchased the new Rasputina CD. Wasn't sure I would dig it, but the risk paid off. Creepy southern gothic music. Top hats and Opussums.

Andrew Vachss has a new novel out called "Down Here". Another take on his underground character Burke. The library had a short story collection by Joe R. Lansdale called "Bumper Crops". He intros each short story with his reason for writing them.

On the movie front, I'm dodging the upcoming Van Helsing. Looks like a big bag o' shiite from where I'm sitting. I saw a trailer for "Hero" starring Jet Li that looks like a wicked pisser but that won't be here till August.

Everyone have a craptastic week at work. I mean that.

Mystery Quote of the Moment: A terrific No-Prize goes to the person who can identify this quote: "But I'm not sleepy. I'm hungry. Really I am."

Read/Post Comments (5)

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