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Tonight's Cage Match: El Chipmunk vs The Fighting Canaries
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Let's Get Ready to RUMBLE!

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On another note, did you know chipmunks were carnivorous? Me either. Til the other night. My parents came home from Atlanta so I picked up some chinese food for them. At their house they have two canaries along with other critters. Well Dad likes to put the canaries in their cage outside to get some fresh air. He's been doing this all summer, no problems. He went ouside to bring the birds in and found a chipmunk in the cage nibbling on a half-eaten canary. The other bird just shook with fear. I figured a chipmunk might try for the birdseed but the actual BIRD!

"Hey babe, you must have been something before electricity." RIP Rodney

I have to attend Traffic School at the end of this week. Am I bitter? Only about the ticket. Do you know how many cute girls can't drive right? And they'll all be trapped with me on a Friday night. Heh. Plus all the old men who won't give up their driving privileges. Wouldn't be any competition if it wasn't for Viagra.

Goom night.

Muzak: Indigo Girls

Lit: "Bride of the Fat White Vampire" by Andrew Fox A sequel to "Fat White Vampire Blues" which no lie, made me cry.

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