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The Day After.
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For some reason I feel I should have jumping shamrocks on today's journal entry. Though it is kind of funny that St. Patrick's day falls on a Sunday this year - so much for those liquer liscenses, ye fine drinking establishments! Ah well, life always seems to come with a strong side of irony.

So, I'm all coffeed up and working on homework today. Had a pretty good birthday yesterday. At about 10 am I named it "no pressure or stress day" which also included no external sources causing me to react in any fashion. None! No fake birthday smiles or hyped-up birthday drek. It was very soothing. Guru really had a great birthday too, even though it wasn't his day. :) I thought of a few items yesterday:

Christmas is the time of giving, birthdays are the time of taking.

March 16th, the anneversary of when the world began, at least for me.

St. Patrick's Day: The day everyone celebrates my birthday again. :) [<-- I actually believed this as a kid.]

We ended up making a run into sq. hill (this was the work I mentioned earlier) and bought about 50$ worth of books from bn to kill off those god-forsake gift certificates. [rant: If only people would get us borders, or amazon, at least then we could also buy music or dvds. /rant]

I was then called by 3 different people, literally all with in 5 minutes of each other, to share birthday wishes/do dinner with us. We ended up at the outback steak house with a very sleepy group of Jern.'s. Apparently they had all been up around 6 for T's interview with the diocese. It went well, but they were all pooped.

It's kind of rainy, but I usually find those the best days to work on - no reason to go outside. I will be headed out to the school later this afternoon. Believe it or not, I may actually make all of my deadlines this quarter.

Huh. Funny. *shrug*

Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes (those who got through, and those who didn't) I appreciate the thought. Always remember, my birthday gift to "yinz" is no pressure to remember or recognize my birthday. There is enough of that floating around in our culture already.

Holds up right hand and makes the sign of the cross

You are pardoned.


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