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So I feel like I've been talking to yaga all day since I've been reading td/os. As, the journalscape arena leads you to believe you have regular, friendly conversations, so does reading writing by someone you know. [no comments yet, other than I'm on chapter 20] As if AIM was any better. Its really sad.

My plug of the night is my updated portfolio. It's about half baked at the moment, mainly because I'm debating a new motif soon. Though I *like* the bit parts colors; i'd also like to do something a bit more....professional? Eh. Less crappy? Yah. whatever.

I'm drinking mildly scalded coaco, and trying do decide if I'm going to go into work tomorrow. The cough has subsided, I can hear again, thoat is still sore, and I'm still draining -- so I'm thinking half-day. Ah, but which half?

I'm not sure what classes I have this quarter, mainly because I was so out of it last week. I'm not really sure what is due, the later in the week the class met. I'm not even sure what thursday's class is called.

At least I'm thinking *mostly* clearly again.

We've been doing WWII this weekend, starting with the first disk of The World At War (which I would definately suggest to anyone interested), followed by Titus (one of my favorites of the redone shakespheare flicks), and then part of Richard III . I've also been reading Red Storm Rising, which is in a way related. I noticed that as I'm watching the 7 hour dvd, I was inserting different movies I have seen in the over all time line of the war such as:
A Bridge Too Far
Bridge Over the River Kwai
Kelly's Heroes

Empire of the Sun

Hope and Glory
the Battle of Midway
To Be or Not To Be
Schindler's List
Dr. Strangelove
The End of the Affair
The English Patient

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