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grateful vs. thankful
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So - I was in the mood to write in the car, but I get here and the neighbors on the front porch and the sounds of a godzilla movie behind me sort of put me off.

I think I've found my problem. I'm getting writers block because of a)work and b) no life. I realized a few nights ago, all I'm doing recently is recycling my work, other people's work, or some other form of media. I have no *life* in my life anymore. And it shows. You can't get any good art when you don't put in anything. So my sceme is to do at least 1 piece of play this weekend that is outside the house. I keep running the gerbal tube of house/car/work/school/house. I need to get out to get out -- no agendas. In theory this crisis at work should be generating a lot of cathartic pieces (maybe not good, but cathartic) but its not. I am dry for ideas. Have been all week. Some pressure artist I make.

Anyway - I was trying to think of things I am grateful. Grateful, in the sense of the world, not thankful. Looking quickly at m-w, 'Grateful' is more of a emotional reaction, where as 'Thankful' is more of a concious knowledge.

So what am I "Grateful" for....

my hubby (hands down, best thing I ever didn't deserve)

my life - I guess I am.. I'd hate to not be here, even if I don't like it some times.

my mind - as quirky as it is, it does entertain

night sky - any sky really the point that it changes.

people - I say this in that I'm grateful that we have relationships and communicate in something other than killing each other (usually)

animals - did I mention that I want a dog?

trees - the only type of plant I think that are going to make this list. Especially maples.

I am thankful for -

asthetics - I'm glad that we as a race have some kind of evluation of what we see around us. Though it differs often, I don't think I've ever seen a monkey put a leaf just "so."

cars - cars are great. They get us places, the harbor us in bad times.. Cars GOOD.

media - I'm glad it is there, but I think it is misleading me.

electricity - hell yes. lights are good.

water - only if its clean, only if its not fucked up in some way

air - where I am glad we have air I'm slightly peturbed that we need it all the time. Always over our heads, this mortality. *sigh*

science - we need it. Ok, we wouldn't be here with cars and electricity without it, BUT it be nice if we didn't have an overall theme through out the universe.

gravity - Unavoidable, and sensable -- I'm thankful that other things stay on the ground, but I don't know anyone who hasn't wanted to fly at least once. (of course, once is all it usually takes.)

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